Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano has interviewed Vicar Apostolic of Southern Arabia Bishop Paul Hinder in which he spoke about the situation of Yemen and called for not forgetting the Yemenis suffering from a bloody conflict that has been going on for about four years

He also urged the Western societies in particular and all the parties capable of intervening to put an end to the armed conflict and to exert the necessary efforts to help the Yemenis regain their lost dignity

Bishop Hinder said that he seeks to extend a helping hand to the Catholic groups located in Yemen. He continued that news coming from Yemen is scant because of the disruption of communication lines on the one hand and because people prefer not to talk on the phone and on the Internet. He added: "I have recently had the opportunity to speak to a group of Christian Yemenis, but I prefer not to address this issue publicly, so as not to put their lives at risk

Answering a question about the obstacles that stand in the way of finding a solution to the Yemeni conflict, Bishop Hinder said:"The conflict has a historical background, and there are many parties and political parties that have changed their alliances more than once over the past years. The intervention of foreign powers, instead of seeking a solution to the crisis, has contributed to deepening differences. I think that the matter now needs time, patience and high diplomatic skills so that the international community can bring the various warring parties to the negotiating table

He pointed out that different international parties are seeking to benefit from the Yemeni conflict, which does not facilitate the negotiation process at all. Bishop Hinder indicated that reaching a solution requires a return to dialogue and drafting a new federal constitution for Yemen in which the various parties enjoy a margin of independence while preserving the unity of the country." He stressed that if this project does not materialize, then Yemen may face the risk of division and fragmentation

On the role that the Western powers could play in this regard, he said," The indifference of the Western powers to what has been happening in Yemen over the past years has not helped in finding a solution." He indicated that ''the foreign policies adopted by some countries have not been similar as several governments believed that the conflict could be resolved militarily. The impression prevailed with the start of the war in 2015, and this is something that is being realized nowadays by those who believed in military solution over the past four years

On the future of Christian communities in this Arab country, he said, "Christianity has always existed in this country, although it has always been very weak from a numerical point of view." Stressing that the Christians are now seeking to survive, he said, "If the Yemeni society does not become a tolerant one, the survival of Christians in this country will be very difficult

In conclusion, Bishop Hinder urged the international community not to forget Yemen. He noted that Pope Francis, prior to leaving Rome for Abu Dhabi earlier this month, confirmed that he prayed for Yemen. He also emphasized that the people of Yemen have a very ancient culture, so this nation must be helped to regain its dignity
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Bishop Hinder addresses the dire situation in Yemen

الثلاثاء، 19 فبراير 2019