By Patriarch Michele Sabbah

Further fighting at Al-Aqsa Mosque, more Israeli soldiers and more assaults! Is all this for the sake of prayer? This is not the way to pray. Prayer begins and ends with the cessation of aggression and with the respect of every believer in the place of prayer. Jerusalem and the entire Holy Land will not know peace as long as a place of prayer is still a place of fighting and aggression. Peace in Jerusalem and the Holy Land begins with the peace at the Aqsa Mosque, after having been made a place of fighting. Peace in Jerusalem begins when all of Jerusalem restores to its holiness, and when people are recognized as human beings

More "unprovoked killing" of the Palestinians, more humiliations at the checkpoints, more eviction of people from their homes in Jerusalem and replacement by Jews, at a time when the settlers conduct terrorism with no one deterring them, and have protection by a regular army that is supposed to protect all the people. All these practices will neither bring the Palestinian conflict to an end, nor will it bring to the Israelis the security they seek, and nor will it relieve the international community which is impotent in dealing with our tragedy. All these hostilities indicate that the Holy Land needs international protection; it needs protection of Israel from itself as well protection of Palestine and the Palestinians from the "last pressures" imposed on them from all sides designed to eliminate them as humans and people. Is there an international community that can provide guidance and protection

More violence, more death and more humiliations of the people of the Holy Land is not the path to justice and peace in this land. He who believes in God changes way followed and walks in the path of God, which is mercy and love for all people, and considers all human beings equal in humanity, whether being Palestinians or Israelis. This view marks the start of the road towards the solution being awaited for years
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Patriarch Sabbah: He who believes in God walks in the path of God

الأربعاء، 20 فبراير 2019